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Aquaculture Program Overview

Program summary 

Stock replenishment is an important tool for sustainable fisheries management. It may be defined as the rearing of aquatic organisms during part of their life cycle for subsequent release in open waters to replenish natural populations. Stock enhancement of both inland and coastal fisheries is a complex undertaking and requires significant scientific knowledge in a diverse array of fields, high levels of several technological skills, and finally sensitive application to put it into practice.

Conservation impact 

Our aquaculture research projects all have the highest goal in common-to feed people by making the best use of ocean resources and to replenish those resources. Whether we're working on culturing white seabass and rockfish and releasing them back to the wild to maintain healthy population levels, or raising fish directly to market size for the consumer, we're trying to achieve a balance between more traditional fishing, supported by stock replenishment and farming.



Providing safe, sustainable seafood and replenishing wild fish populations

Mark Drawbridge, M.S.
Program Leader