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Frank S. Todd


Senior Research Fellow

Frank S. Todd is one of the world’s recognized authorities on waterfowl and penguins, and has spent over 25 seasons working in Antarctic, subantarctic and Arctic regions.
An ardent conservationist, he has been awarded the National Science Foundation Polar Medal and the San Diego Zoological Society Conservation Medal, and was responsible for three Bean awards (the “Academy Award” of the association of zoological parks). During his tenure as corporate vice president of aviculture and research at Sea World, Frank was responsible for the creation of the famous Penguin Encounters, and achieved the first breeding of the Emperor Penguin in captivity.
In addition to nearly 100 technical papers and popular articles, Frank is the author ofAntarctic Splendor; Penguins; Waterfowl: Ducks, Geese and Swans of the World; and10,001 Titillating Tidbits of Avian Trivia.
Despite an obvious passion for polar regions, he lives in sunny southern California. A Senior Research Fellow at the Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute in San Diego, Frank is the executive director of EcoCepts International, an environmental and zoological consulting firm.

Frank Todd