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Mission and Values

52 Years of Sea Life Solutions

Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) is a public, non-profit charity dedicated to providing effective solutions to conflicts that arise between human activity and the natural world. Hubbs-SeaWorld scientists apply sophisticated technologies to seek the solutions that protect and conserve marine animals while benefiting humans and their reliance on marine resources.The Institute also recognizes the critical importance of scientific literacy as a foundation for competing in the highly technical and competitive global economy and strives to provide innovative education programs to promote scientific literacy among our children and young scientists.

Mission Statement

The Institute was founded in 1963 to conduct research in the tradition of world-renowned scientists, Dr. Carl L. and Laura C. Hubbs. Since 1963 our charter has been: “To return to the sea some measure of the benefits derived from it.”


HSWRI’s vision is to advance our legacy of scientific discovery to conserve the world’s rich biological diversity and ensure lasting prosperity for future generations. We seek to achieve our mission through cutting-edge scientific discoveries, effective conservation, and innovative education programs that benefit the ecological, economic, social and aesthetic values of coastal and ocean resources.

Core Values

HSWRI scientists, staff, and trustees are dedicated to the following core values to guide scientific research, seek common sense solutions to complex environmental problems, nurture Institute growth, communicate with scientific peers and the public, and advance scientific literacy.

  • Excellence in Original and Independent Scientific Research
  • Public Service
  • Scientific Honesty and Integrity.
  • Safety and Efficiency
  • Highest Standards for Animal Care and Welfare
  • Creative and Productive Workplace
  • Common Sense

The Critical Difference

HSWRI scientists respond effectively and efficiently to pressing environmental needs because they work as members of an independent research institute. The Institute’s exceptionally dedicated and talented scientific staff collaborate with other like organizations to minimize duplication of effort and resources.

HSWRI believes that independent scientific research is essential to conserve and restore coastal and marine environments for future generations. To be effective, independent scientific research must be coupled with new and innovative approaches and technologies, compelling education and outreach and the experienced-based training of young scientists. HSWRI research focuses on gaining scientific knowledge and finding practical solutions to the most critical conservation challenges facing marine ecosystems.


Don Kent
HSWRI President/CEO  


“In 2015, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute celebrates 52 years of scientific excellence.  As the world’s human population continues to grow, we will need to steward our ocean resources in an ever more responsible manner to provide more energy, water, food, and space while ensuring that vibrant and viable habitats are maintained for the animals that live there now and in the future.”