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Paula Sylvia MS


Research Scientist

Aquaculture for Stock Enhancement and Food Production 

Paula Sylvia came to the Institute in 2000 to assist in managing the Grace Mariculture Project and other associated mariculture programs. Prior to coming to the Institute and before obtaining her MS in Scotland, Paula spent most of her professional career working in both the research and commercial sectors of the tuna aquaculture industry in the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Greece and Mexico. Paula combines her offshore experience with the unique expertise of other aquaculture personnel at the Institute to move the many new mariculture programs forward.


Current Research

The Ocean Resources Enhancement Hatchery Program

Rebuilding Rockfish Populations

Offshore Demonstration Project

Paula Sylvia

Major Research Areas

Aquaculture for Stock Enhancement and Food Production


B.S., Marine Science/Biology, University of Tampa, 1988 M.S., Aquaculture and Aquaculture Business Management, University of Stirling, Institute of Aquaculture, Scotland, 1999

Professional Activities

Member, World Aquaculture Society