Genetics-Based Study Shows Hatchery Contribution to White Seabass Fishery Significantly Greater Than Previous Estimates

Contact: Peter James MacCracken, APR – (619) 275-4110 GENETICS-BASED STUDY SHOWS HATCHERY CONTRIBUTION TO WHITE SEABASS FISHERY SIGNIFICANTLY GREATER THAN PREVIOUS ESTIMATESOff Southern California and Mexico, 30 to 48 percent of fish...

New Smyrna Beach FL, Dolphin Rescue. May 2021

On May 5th, 2021, HSWRI and partners successfully rescued a young dolphin that became trapped in Spruce Creek, in New Smyrna Beach. The 3-year-old dolphin has been known to our team since its birth and was last seen with its mother in February. We have been closely monitoring the dolphin for the last 5 weeks while it remained in the same area, unable to leave the creek.

International Women’s Day 2021

At HSWRI we celebrate women and their accomplishments year round. Take a look at some of our #TalkTuesday lectures from some of the women on our team!

Hubbs Happy Hour Virtual Event

Join event hosts, HSWRI Science Team members and friends for our first ever Hubbs Happy Hour. We will have up to an hour of virtual fun via Zoom - including games & prize drawings! HSWRI will ship over a Happy Hour Box including cocktails from Cutwater Spirits and...

March 2017

The March 2017 Fins & Flukes issue is here! In this issue: Stranding Summary Dolphin Calf Rescued from...