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Save Your White Seabass Heads

The Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program (OREHP) is one of the few stocking programs dedicated to assessing the biological and economic impacts of its releases, and is the only program of its kind on the west coast of North America.


Each juvenile white seabass released through OREHP is tagged internally in the cheek with a 1 mm long stainless steel coded wire tag (CWT). This CWT is not visible externally on the fish and can only be located with a specialized scanning and detection device.


Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute needs your help to track OREHP’s effectiveness. Please save and freeze heads of adult white seabass with the stones/ear bones intact. HSWRI will scan donated heads for internal tags and collect the appropriate age and
genetic stock information.


White seabass heads can be dropped off at one of the many freezer locations
throughout southern California – see below.