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The Dick Laub Fisheries Replenishment Program

Thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous angler in 2014, our scientists began to explore which additional fish species might benefit from the techniques and approaches developed by our marine fisheries replenishment program for white seabass (Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program, OREHP). With community and financial support from several partners of HSWRI, the resource management effort is underway.

Through discussions among our scientists, other members of the marine science community, recreational anglers, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, our replenishment focus has landed on California halibut. In November 2016, our scientists and members of the Coastal Conservation Association of California members to caught 11 halibut to establish a San Diego broodstock population. New broodstock tanks for halibut and yellowtail have been installed at our Mission Bay laboratory and after completing their mandatory quarantine, the fish are waiting to move to their new permanent home, which will be in a few months!

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