Senior Research Biologists are the heart of the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute research team. Individually and collectively, our scientists are the major source of the Institute’s productivity, scientific accomplishments and reputation. They are responsible for:

Developing and implementing the research initiatives of the Institute

Helping to formulate policies and procedures

Mentoring young scientists and students

Interacting with the community

Senior Research Scientists

Ann E. Bowles, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientists

Mark A. Drawbridge, M.S.

Senior Research Scientist

Don Kent

HSWRI President & CEO


Research Scientists

Teresa Jablonski

Research Scientist

Ruairi MacNamara, Ph.D

Stock Enhancement Research Coordinator

Michael A. Shane, M.S.

Director of Fisheries Enhancement

Wendy Noke Durden M.S.

Research Scientist

Alex Primus, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Kevin Stuart, M.S.

Research Scientist

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Yuanzi Huo, Ph.D.

Research Assistants

Victor Bach Munoz

Kourtney Barber

Matthew Elliott

Agatha Fabry

Madison Guthrie

Maya Hodder

Jack Howell

Andrew Jarrett

Joseph Johnson

Mariana Kawakami

Jax Mikkelsen

Karen Miller McClune

Kristen Page

Taylor Overy

Jordan Pritzl

Christine Steinke

Phillip Tahimic

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